Meditation Beads

What are Meditation Beads and how to practice Affirmation

The Meditation Beads String

Meditation Beads 108

Meditation Beads, Buddhist Prayer Necklace or Mala (Sanskrit for Garland) have been used for centuries by monks and yogi to practice Affirmation and as a physical cue for counting breaths, Mantras, Sutras or OMs.
Beads are are essentially a traditional counting device, which helps to sustain a Mantra while keeping focus and concentration. Use the beads to create awareness towards phrases or words you want to cultivate more mindfulness towards.

How to handle the Beads

Monk handling Buddhist Prayer Beads

1 Simply hold the beads suspended from the ring finger. Traditionally the index finger is not used
2 Start counting the beads by moving the thumb forward when you inhale and pulling the head back when you exhale, maintaining awareness at the raising and falling of the stomach area
3 Draw the beads towards you one at at time all the way to the so called mirror or Guru bead
4 On reaching the top, Do not cross the mirror / guru bead but instead pause and turn back or simply stop right there. Either way, you'll ensure proper counting and you’ll be able to track progress.
5 Try to use the same hand for switching sides and turning the string backwards in order to go back to the initial point
6 Repeat the process as many times as you like, each run counts of 108 beads.
With a little practice you will be able to handle the beads efficiently and effortlessly

The Affirmation Process

Monk during meditation

In between inhales and exhales we construct our affirmation. A brief but comprehensive word or phrase (Mantra), a clear, vivid visual and an associated feeling, are required to be repeated over and over as you move from one bead to the other.
1 Essentially a Mantra is a concise choice of positive, meaningful and precise words that you want to commit to subconsciousness
2 A Visualization is the visual representation of what you're trying to commit to subconscious, practice a very short and clearly outlined mute movie that you play in your head.
3 For the whole duration of the affirmation session sustain a positive and energy propelling Feeling associated to the Mantra and Visualization
Repeat one single mantra over and over to increase effectiveness.

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Buddhist Meditation Beads Necklace Actual Necklace in Sandal Wood

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