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Simple Vipassana meditation timer, no frills, no distraction.

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Pure "down to earth" Vipassana meditation timer for individuals who practice Vipassana meditation as daily routine and/or are participating in a Vipassana meditation retreat.
Whether you are an apprentice, a meditation teacher or a seasoned meditator the Vipassana meditation timer will help you to track meditation sessions without distractions.
The initial small group of Vipassana meditators has gotten larger thanks to the Android™ Application.

Created by meditators for meditators

Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Having not found an Android™ Meditation App suitable for our daily Vipassana Meditation practice, we'd decided to invest our time and resources into making a useful App for our group of meditators as well as for the Vipassana Meditation Community out in the world.
As we are not interested in time wasting and distracting features of commercial Apps, we made an efficient and reliable timer to help us maintain our meditation sessions.
We hope you will find the Vipassana Meditation Timer useful and distraction free.

Our Vipassana Meditation Community

Vipassana Sitting Meditation

Since the Vipassana Meditation Timer App launch, our community has grown from a few individuals to hundreds of meditators.
Although we are not in the physical presence of each other, we are all participants in the meditation community. As a community, we care for each other, we share common values and have a sense of place in our Planet as a whole, no borders, no countries.
The level of feedback we have received is outstanding; the level of participation in providing suggestions for improvements has been great, thank you all so much.



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Buddhist Meditation Beads Blessing Monk Blessing monk

Buddhist Meditation Beads Necklace Actual Necklace in Sandal Wood

We are raising funds for maintenance and development of the Vipassana Meditation Timer APP, by asking our members to contribute by purchasing a Meditation Prayer Beads String.

As a token of our appreciation, the package will include the passcode to remove ads from the end of meditation session screen of the App.

The Meditation Necklace is a traditional tool which leverages the 108 beads to keep track of Mantra's repetitions. For instructions on use and more information, visit Meditation Beads for Affirmation

For a single contribution of 8.95 USD we will post the Meditation Beads worldwide from our location in Chiang Mai, Thailand to your door. Airmail Delivery should take 2-3 weeks.

Learn to meditate

Learn to meditate

We have originally created the Vipassana Meditation Timer App as a support tool to our meditation community. Since the launch of the App on Google Play thousands of people have started using it for daily meditation practice, we are very glad about it. A portion of users has requested for meditation instructions. Unfortunately we have no facility nor expertise to provide online tuitions. We have therefore connected with Giovanni at Live and Dare. He's a professional meditation instructor and he can help you with the basics of meditation with his online courses and more. Feel free to visit his website and take the courses if so desired.
Live and Dare online courses